New S500, old version of commercial EPM

Hi I have a version of EPM that had it’s updates expire last year, and I am having a problem getting the S500 to auto provision.

My EPM is version 13.0.2, which cannot update b/c it expired. I also cannot uninstall EPM and reinstall because my RESTapps module is disabled pending upgrade of EPM and it won’t let me remove RESTapps sating No Action only in module admin.

When I try to provision the phone the phone is found, but the only devices I have in EPM are the Vega products, I guess because it’s an older version of EPM.

I’m sure there is a way to do this from the CLI, but I thought you guys would want to know when Joe Sixpack tries to do it the easy way and runs into a problem.

Because you have EPM licensed for other 3rd party phones you have to renew your maintenance on EPM to get upgrades.

If I “de-provision” all phones except the sangomas, will EPM update to the required version for the Sangomas to operate as intended. This doesn’t appear to be the way all the marketing of the Sangomas led me to believe. It said that it included a free licence for EPM and Phone Apps.

Here is a wiki entry directly contradicting that:

So do I or do I not have to purchase Phone Apps and EPM in order to use them with my Sangomas?

You do not need to purchase those to only use Sangoma Phones but if you already purchased EPM you need to renew maintenance for uogrades since it’s licensed for All brands of phones.

So one touch auto provision and free license of EPM and Phone Apps unless you are a customer with other brands of phones and bought the commercial module in the past.

What if I had never bought endpoint manager in the past, and was hand provisioning or using OSS, would endpoint manager commercial work then with my new phones? Am I being penalized for purchasing EPM in the past and not renewing since everything works.?

Can Sangoma update the Wiki and marketing?

If you bought EPM in the past and used it for non Sangoma Phones then yes you have to pay maintenance.

So old legacy customers are being penalized compared to new customers.

That is not at all what we are saying. It’s if you are going to use EPM with 3rd party phones you ha e to pay a maintenance to keep it updated. If you are not going to use 3rd parry phones we will be happy to remove EPM from your deployment in our license server which will allow you to update then but you won’t be able to use 3rd party phones then.

This is something I am interested in as well. My company is thinking of moving to FreePBX and when I look at the commercial modules page for Endpoint Manager I do not see anything about maintenance costs. I only see that it costs $75 for a 25 year license and it is free if you use Sangoma phones. Does the maintenance cost go with all commercial modules? How can I give my company an accurate representation of the cost of this product with out the maintenance information? Is it one flat fee that covers all modules or does each module have a separate maintenance cost? I see that support costs and has blocks of ours that can be purchased. Is this the maintenance cost and if it is do those hours end? I would like to know this information since before this post I was unaware of it.

All commercial modules provide uogrades for a year and then a maintenance contract is required for uogrades after a year. You can find the ToS in our portal when you click on a time it provides you with this information.

OK great, I might just switch to all Sangomas eventually. This paying for EPM updates is crazy to me, but I understand developers have to make money. Just wish that EPM was not the module y’all decided to do it on. Other modules that add new features make more sense to me.

Ok well ita been this way for years and years. Ita not economical to buy software once and get uogrades forever. It takes alot to keep EPM updated with all the new phones and firmwares and nonstop development.

Well, renewal is only $22.50/year, so it’s not the end of the world, but I really think that Sangoma needs to make the marketing and wiki clearer about who does and does not get a free endpoint manager license.

And what about people who start out with only Sangoma phones and then add another brand. What if you wanted a wireless handset which Sangoma doesn’t offer. Would people who start out all Sangoma and then add a wireless handset from another manufacturer no longer get updates?

Finally, FreePBX 14 is right around the corner, and I am sure there will be a newer version with native sangoma phone support rolled into the distro… so I guess I will be an early adopter.

Here is the wiki page, it is very clear:

For Endpoint Manager, EPM for UCP and Phone Apps:

  1. You can choose to pay for the modules or not. If you don’t buy them, you can only use them with Sangoma phones. Nothing changes if you plug a headset into your Sangoma phone.

  2. If you do choose to purchase them, you can use them with any or all supported devices including Sangoma devices. See wiki here and here.

  3. When you buy any commercial module, the purchase price includes free support and free upgrades for 1 year from date of purchase. You can extend this period by paying to renew the module. Renewal fees are considerably less than the purchase price. If you are happy with things the way they are, you are under no obligation to renew, your commercial module will continue to work for 25 years. You must be within the free update period in order to upgrade the module, and note that major upgrades to FreePBX (i.e. 12 to 13) require the module be upgraded in the process

  4. Once you have purchased a module for a specific deployment, that module stays with the deployment. It is expected that most people who purchase the module will not want to abandon it. If anyone wishes to abandon a purchased license so they can use the current free version, just open a support ticket (link at top) and we can accommodate them.

I meant a wireless endpoint/headset like my Snom M9, not a headset that attaches to a current sangoma endpoint. Joe Sixpack user here, sorry I have my terminology mixed up.

I just wanted to know what would happen if I had 7 Sangoma phones and my free EPM, and I added a Snom m85 to the mix. What would it do to my EPM license. If it doesn’t trigger the different license/renewal pathway then new customers that add brands are better off than old customers with mixed brands… all I am saying.

Nothing changes. If you are using the free version of EPM, you can only provision Sangoma phones. You would provision your non-Sangoma phones some other way or upgrade to the paid version, your choice.