New phones will not provision, reboot loop

Phone: Polycom IP331, revision
FreePBX plus EndPoint Manager, working successfully for ~100 end points

Waiting for network to initialize…
Could not download … cfg
Phone indicates “Error, application is not present!” and then reboots.

How do I get this phone to provision? It doesn’t stay online long enough for EPM to find it in a network scan, and there’s apparently no software on the phone so I can’t use a web interface to interact with it.

I’ve got a couple IP331s exhibiting this behavior, and I’ve been banging my head against the wall.

You can use DHCP option 66 to point to your PBX IP.

Network scan won’t tell your phones to request from the PBX the config, it’s a tool to easily add your phones to extension mapping.

A quick google search says that there is a web gui, correct me if i’m wrong.

DHCP settings are already set and correct (I have successfully provisioned ~100 phones). I don’t need to do a “quick google search” to know about the web UI - I have interfaced with it on my other ~100 phones.

I’m looking for ways to fix these couple phones that will NOT provision, and do not even boot to a base software.

Create the extensions and configs in EPM by manually entering the phones mac addresses. Then use the phone gui (not web gui) to point to the configs. Assuming they are getting an IP address and on your network hopefully they will be able to reach and download their configs and firmware.

To enter your provisioning boot server information to the phone:
1 On the phone, press Menu > Settings > Advanced and enter the phone’s password. The default is
2 Choose Admin Settings > Network Configuration > Provisioning Server, and press the Select soft
3 Scroll to a field, press the Edit soft key, and enter the provisioning boot server information—in
this example your computer’s IP address—user name, and password. Press the alpha-numeric
(ASCII) soft key, highlighted in the following illustration, to change entry mode. To enter periods
press the star key (*) on your phone’s keypad. If you enter an incorrect number, you can press the
backspace/delete button located under the arrow buttons to backspace/delete your entry. Your
entries should look like the following example illustration.
4 When finished, press the OK soft key, and the Back soft key once or twice. A prompt screen will
display, shown next.
5 Choose Save Config and press the Select soft key to reboot the phone and save the new

Turns out the new phones that would not provision had incompatible firmware. Loading the proper firmware allowed EPM to communicate with them and get them provisioned.

Thanks all for your help - it definitely got me pointed in the right direction!

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