New Outbound Caller ID services

We have received a few requests from clients interested in using FirstOrion’s Inform and Engage Caller ID services or TransUnion’s TruContact Caller ID Solutions. These solutions “validate” the stir/Shaken id of the call (which we do through VI now), they provide 32-character CNAM for iPhone and Android phone calls, and they can put the customer logo on the iPhone or Android screen. I did not believe it, but I searched it, and they do this (now on jailbroken iPhones and next iOS release all iPhones)

I believe this will necessitate us trunking outbound calls through them - I do not like this. Is there a similar solution we can use from VoipInnovations (or other carriers).

It looks like INFORM provides a trunk-agnostic API, so you could continue to use VI and perhaps add your own CURL Asterisk functions out to the API in some custom contexts in FreePBX (or maybe VI adopts INFORM and you manage it that way.)

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