New on PBX, what do i need to get started with my requires

Heloo guys, first of all, i`m new on pbx stuf and truly confuzed.

Here is what i whant to know what do i need and the cost of

  1. i got 1 VOIP privider 1 Phone No witch supports 20 calls in the same time
  2. FreePBX is in one of my dedicated server installed on an VPS witch is on the datacenter
  3. We got 4 Phones Cisco ip phone on ower office witch is in another city
  4. When someone ring ower phone no all the phones to ring, first who answear take the call
  5. On the same time when one of ower phone is busy if someone calls the rest of the phone to ring so to be able to answear in the same time when any of us is busy
  6. To be able to transfer calls from one phone to another if it can if no is ok
  7. To be able to set opening h and an custom sound (we make the sound recording)
  8. if all phones ar busy to put the customer on que when any of the phones is not busy to take the call

This is all what i whant to do nothink alse and i`m verry confuzed on what do i have to buy to make it work all the thinks i need :slight_smile:
we ar only 4 ppl, 4 phones.

Thank you guys. If my english is not well i`m sorry :slight_smile:

all you need to do is make sure your phones can regiester and the trunk with freepbx, and set recording with sip account from GUI. of course, you also have to know how to tranfer the calls. please check the wiki for details.

And how do i test if i`m not able to use end point only if i buy it ? :slight_smile:

You test by buying it or buy using Sangoma phones which are provisioned for free.

Cisco phones are a nightmare to use with freepbx. Although with 4 its not the worst, but its still pretty tough.

I kind of agree with @jcroy - Cisco phones (in SIP mode) are terrible. The processor in the phone isn’t really powerful enough to do SIP well. If you are brave enough to add the Chan-SCCP-B driver, they phones are actually pretty straightforward to provision and set up, but that’s not something I’d recommend for a first-time user.

I’ve gotten around 70+ cisco phones to work with freepbx using chan-sccp-b. We had to make our own modifications to get everything to come together and work the way we needed it to but mostly everything we need works as intended. It was a brutal process, but in the end it was done. If you have the budget it would be alot better to get phones that are compatible or designed for freepbx, itl save a lot of frustration and time. That being said it can be done.

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I got Cisco 7945 SCCP/IP Phone, at the moment i`m testing 3cx the same they sayed is not supported, whell, i changed the firmware and the phone works perfect with all the thinks we need, like i sayed we ar small to invest in expensive phones, i buyet this phones with 25euros each and they have even headphone + adaptor, in the future if we grow yea i will spend more money and buy profesional onesm but at the moment and even not for us even for any i dont see the point of ivest money in sompting you ar not sure it will work or it will be ok

So for what i asked at my first post can someone give me some infos ? What do i have to buy to make my request work