New Office 365 Email Setup Relay - From "VoIP Server Message" as Name?

In testing the Wiki on sangomas website from May 2021. I cannot find where this txt is in the pbx. Email from string in voicemail config isn’t it . Email relay works, but where do you set the message from on the PBX for the relay mail sender? Right now we use a mailbox license and authenicate. It works but has it downsides.

1.) License Cost (not much)
2.) Now you have a managed mailbox that has to be emptied

If we can change the email from by using the relay method then we no longer needs those two items.

ideally with MS 365 you would use direct send , specifically option 2; caveat is it can only mail addresses for one of your Microsoft 365 accepted domains

it solves your 1 and 2

The relay is already configured and working. I need to know how to change the “From name” in the PBX. Since this is now a relay, the email doesn’t actually exist which is the point! It’s a relay

most things that don’t have a set name will end up with [email protected] which is why you often see [email protected] or something similar. Many things will try to get their from address from sysadmin if it is installed and configured.

See the “from address” System Admin - Notification Settings - PBX GUI - Documentation

Things like filestore/backup may have a settable from email that again falls back to the above. I would start by setting that email then seeing what else you get.

You may also be able to create/add to /home/asterisk/.mailrc

set name="Cute Human Name"
set from="[email protected]"

Notifications in system Admin isnt’ it. Updating that made no difference. Email still shows from : “VoIP Server Message”. Creating the .mailrc made no difference as well even after giving asterisk user:group permissions.

We want to avoid monitoring mailbox which is why we want a relay. With a relay, you don’t need a mailbox. This is working, but the from is coming from either postfix or somewhere in the PBX. All I need to know is how this can be updated. It’s not getting that name from anywhere but the PBX since there is no mailbox

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