New missed calls notifications module and offline extension

Hello, I’ve been using this dialplan to get missed call notifications: How-To: Missed Calls Notifications. It works well but due to technical limitations it doesn’t work when an extension is offline if using pjsip, so I’m using chan_sip instead.

I saw that there’s a new official missed call notifications module, and since I didn’t see anything about it on the wiki page I wanted to ask if this module is also able to send notifications when an extension is offline, and if yes, if it’s also limited to chan_sip in that case.

Also, what method is used to send the emails? Some FreePBX modules or options, like module update notifications, just use “mail” or “sendmail”, but others like Backup and restore assume that there’s a SMTP server running locally and don’t work in my case, since I don’t have one (I only need to forward emails through and to Gmail, so I find a SMTP server just for that purpose to be overkill, and I’m using dma instead).

Where did you see that?

For me it showed up on my Dashboard, it said a new module was available. Also saw it in Module Admin when checking for updates. This was Monday 2/13 I believe.

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I should add that on the point of your question - I haven’t played around much with the module yet, but it seems to be pretty basic, just emails if there is a missed call, and you can customize how that email looks. It doesn’t look like on the surface it has much more than that capability.

Just installed this module on a clean Debian install. It requires you to install Queues and Ring Groups. Overall, it looks like a pretty good module.

I meant that I didn’t find anything on that page regarding the specific things I wanted to know about it. Sorry, my wording probably wasn’t very accurate.

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