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I am a relatively new Asterisk and FreePBX hosted provider. However, we have added quite a number of lines and clients to our system. We are feeling like the dog that now has caught the car. My question is I am trying to balance my sip trunks to client lines and what has seemed to be a popular ratio. Fortunately this seems to be a good working model and I want to guarnantee quality service. I hope this is the right forum if not many apologies.

Thanks in advance

I am sure you are most correct in your response regarding the freepbx not being intended for a wholesale softswitch. However, there are thousands of them providing that exact service. Asterisk is also being utilized in the background of virtually all call center telephony in the field currently or is being tested in the field or their facilities. It is indeed a very powerful engine to provide this type of service. I worked in traffic for an operating telephone company for over 15 years and we made efforts of maintining a 1 trunk to 4 subscriber lines or in our case extensions. This seem to be a little aggressive and from other research a 1:6 ratio seems to be more fitting for this application. Regarding our 911, directory services, security issues our SIP provider facilitates the E911 and Directory services. We maintain a very secure network and also require an adequate throughput prior to customer connection.

I want to thank you again for your response and I found it most informative and made me think and insure we are handling your concerns more than adequately.

Thanks Again

It’s amazing the amount of people who use FreePBX for something it is not intended.

It’s really not designed as a wholesale softswitch.

Your question can’t easily be answered it requires an understanding of traffic engineering.

I always ask people who are providing commercial services how you handle e911, CALEA, security etc. What type of upstream and downstream connections do you have?