New manual install on a banana pi (Bananian OS based on Jesse Debian 8)

Attempted to load Sysadmin with a hint of /var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/Sysadmin.class.php and it didn’t exist

I thought I had the installation complete. I started to go through the setup. It offered a free trial of SIPStation. When it asks me for my email I get the error message at the top of this post briefly. It sits there with the hour glass animation going around and around. I can’t figure out how to go back to the point where I don’t want to trial SIPStation and complete my setup.

You can’t install commercial modules on non Distro installs. This is a commercial module.

In general, only systems installed from the official distro can run commercial modules such as sysadmin or SIPStation. Of course this is not possible on Banana Pi.

If your OS closely matches the RHEL derivative used by the distro, running some commercial modules may be possible. I know nothing about Banana Pi, but see

If you are satisfied without commercial modules, first try
fwconsole restart
and then visiting again.

If no luck, try using fwconsole to disable, uninstall or delete sysadmin; see

If still no luck, you have little invested in this system; just run your install script again.

The banana pi has an ARM cpu, no commercial modules can be installed on such a beast, no matter what OS is used. (An atomic pi at a similar price-point has an intel cpu so you could change it out for that)

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Do you know whether you can install the distro on atomic pi? If so, that would save many hours of fiddling.

There is no reason that it would not do that as it boots most any live iso designed to run on an amd64 (it has an atom CPU), personally I don’t use the distro but it runs FreePBX14 very nicely on Debian Stretch installed from the debian live iso burned to a usb disk.

Caveate, the one I got had to be returned due to a hardware problem, I am awaiting a replacement.

I just want cheap reliable home phone service to backup cell phones in my home. I do send the occasional fax but like less than 5 faxes for a year. I always liked the idea of having landline phones in the house but they are almost never used.

I used to use the phones as an intercom system but now we have Echo Dots throughout the house and use them instead.

I previously had asterisk 11 running on this banana pi with Google Voice as the SIP Trunk and a ATA (Cisco SPA122) to get service to the existing landlines. At free it was worth it as it was used so infrequently. I had to send a fax on Friday and realized it was not working. It looks like google shut down GVSIP at least how I was using it back in November. I may either do away with this entirely or find the absolute cheapest phone provider and pay for it. $20 a month seems steep when it is used less than 10 times a year.

Thanks for the info. Seems the world of opensource is becoming a lot less open source.

I am not married to this banana PI but I do own it and can no longer think of anything real useful to do with it. I have access to windows servers. I have a windows server running almost constantly now. it should handle a Virtual Machine pretty easily and I think I even have the windows license for the virtual machine.

I am a geek of sorts and find all this fascinating and was pleased when I got it working previously but it has become so painful that its usefulness may have run its course.

FreePBX itself has always been open source, and will hopefully remain so, the “distro” adds function and ease at a cost, but it is stated up font that only for a very limited set of users.

As a fellow geek, there is a siren call to use the gpios on a $40 pbx, think IOT and home automation like alarm calls and kodi, for 10 faxes a year think efax, for 100 a day think hylafax and t38modem on debian (unfortunately very hard to build on RH)

Are you allowed to use Virtual Machine Running the " STABLE## SNG7-PBX-64bit-1904" with commercial modules? I am not sure that I need commercial modules. I am still looking into possibilities for a SIP Trunk. I keep seeing DID numbers for sale but still not sure the best way forward.

Not sure why this was directed to me but yes FreePBX runs well on VM’s of any flavor.

I hate to recommend any VSP as it often turns into a religiosity argument, but FlowRoute and voipinnovations are easy to use and economical

Sure. Many PBXes, including nearly all cloud systems, run on VMs. However, you need a VM that can boot from an ISO file, e.g. VMWare, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, KVM.

As you know, Google has stated that this use of GV violates their ToS. Even if you could get past the current technical barriers, you’d be facing a moving target and it wouldn’t be fun.

With the vast majority of VoSPs, you don’t need a PBX; just configure your SPA to register to their service. A service with voicemail, failover to mobile, spam filtering, etc. won’t cost much more, especially if it’s almost never used.

Callcentric is IMO a top class provider with all these features. With a combination of and , your monthly bill would be $2.95, provided that you use fewer than 120 non-toll-free outgoing minutes. You could forward your GV to CC so you’d still have a local number.

With , you can get a metered US number for $0.50 and E911 service at $1.50, for a total of $2 monthly, though you’ll pay $0.01/min. for every call in or out.

There are many lower cost services, but they generally don’t include or even offer 911 service, which I strongly recommend for all home phones, even though you can reach 911 on your mobile. Once properly set up, a 911 call from the VoIP line will immediately display your home address to the dispatcher.

Inexpensive services without 911 include Localphone ($0.99/mo. for unmetered incoming; $0.005/min. US outgoing; toll-free calls are free). has metered US numbers for only $0.08/mo.; $0.00325/min. incoming and $0.0072/min. outgoing. They recently started offering 911 but have not posted pricing or technical details.

You can get a completely free incoming number at ; outbound is $0.01/min. (or use a different provider for outgoing).

If you ony need googlevoice, and add a VSP or three then look into

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