New mail and ZTDummy

Two questions: 1. After I run update-fixes, I get a message that says “You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root”. What does that mean? 2. I do not have any timing source or Zaptel cards, so I use ZTDummy. Every time I reboot my * server/machine, it stops and I have to go back in and start it. Is there anyway to fix that or make it auto start? I am running a PiaF install, FreePBX and Asterisk Thanks for any help given!

"I get a message that says “You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root”

It just means that the system has sent an email to the root account. Usually that this or that has been updated.

To see the messages log into the system as root, then at the command prompt type “mail”.

Does your machine stop immediately? Is there an error message? check your “/var/log/asterisk/full” log and see if there is any error.


What I meant by reboot was that the actual server reboots after I run update-source. Sorry if that was not clear. No, it does not stop immediately. For the log checking, would you just type that in to the CLI? How would you do that? Thanks for the mail tip.