New kids in town

Dear All

i am the new player of FreePBX, i would like to ask a question
hope all expert can helpin’ , i have one 16X FXO card which installaed in the FREE PBX successfully, i want to know, how to config the dial in channel to designate extension, for explame, i know the PSTN no is 1234 at DADHI -9 , i want to assign this DADHI channel to designate extions no <101> , since the extension range from <100> - <108>

what can i do ? please help
i listen from verious users said " need create ring group, , DID configuration,"
so mess on it, looking for Help

New Kid

Create a Zaptel extension (that’s the old name for Dahdi) with extension #101, DID 1234 and zap channel 9. That’s all you need to do to create one extension.

The dahdi channels will range from channel 1 - 16 and correspond to the FXO ports. You assign the extension numbers 100 - 108 in any order that you wish to the channels. The DIDs would most likely follow channels 1 - 16 order. Just a note: you have only 9 extensions for 16 channels indicated so you have more channels than extensions.

You would need to create an outbound route for each individual channel or send to a group of channels. You can assign all channels to a single group. When an outbound call is sent to the group (g0) then it will use the first available channel.