New Installation on Old Equipment OK?

I currently have a hosted VOIP service that is both expensive and lousy service. I want to replace it with the following:

Core2Duo E6600
IP35-E motherboard
4 gb RAM
one 500 gb WD Black hard drive
WD Blue 320 gb hard drive (will run RAID 1)
500w antec bronze certified PSU

I will have 2 SIP two-way lines, two phones and one phone number. This system is for a home based office.

Will this machine be powerful enough?

My thoughts are to start with this machine and see if I can get FreePBX to work and put it into production. Then once I am satisfied that I can make it work, upgrade the cpu/motherboard/memory in a few months or a year.

Thanks for your feedback.

Yeap, Works fine with this configuration.

Actually, that is more than enough hardware for that configuration for now and going forward - Asterisk just processing calls is not that CPU or memory intensive - it’s Queues, LARGE numbers of endpoints - this machine is more than enough for your number of extensions.