New install which centos to use

In the installation section it says to first download centos 4.3 is this correct or should i be using a newer version of centos.


CentOS 5 seems to work very well. I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with it and you should be able to use it with the 4.3 install guide. Some of the workarounds for Centos 4.x problems may even be eliminated such as the spinlock fix.

CentOS 5 does work, however there have been several issues reported if you just follow CentOS 4.X guidelines and their has not been info updated since yet. I have not been working on the new CentOS 5 stuff so I don’t recall off the top of my head. When we get our stuff going the info will be there one way or another but it is not there yet. WAudette recentlly came across some other CentOS5 info though - maybe he can chime in if he sees this message and make a post - or translated the info to a new book page with appropriate instructions if he gets a chance.

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