New install unable to dial internal or voicemail

Hi there, I have some familiarity with FreePBX admin, but this is the first time I am setting one up from scratch. We got bit by Flowroute retiring CHAN-SIP and our PBX was too old to upgrade to something that supported PJSIP, so I downloaded a backup and wiped it out to set it up from scratch. So far I have set up a pair of extensions (101 and 111), some ring groups, IVRs, etc, but not much else. I have registered one trunk but clearly it’s not ready to be turned on if I can’t even call internally. I am using FreePBX 10.13.66-11. The extension I am testing from is just a Zoiper softphone connected to 101 and I am attempting to either dial 111 or *98 to get to voicemail. Both simply disconnect a second after dialing. I have captured logs for both:

Dialing 111:
Dialing *98:

Any help or insight is certainly appreciated!

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