New Install - UCP not installed by default

Did a clean install on a VM (FreePBX Ver14) I saw that UCP is missing, i thought that the machine has to be activated for it to show up? But it wasn’t after successfully activating.

I ran fwconsole ma list and i saw it’s available to install.
So i did fwconsole ma install ucp and it seems to be working fine…

Not sure why it isn’t installed by default.

What do I do if UCP is not available to install?

fwconsole ma downloadinstall ucp

Right. I have finally figured out that fwconsole ma stands for “Module Administration”. So typing

fwconsole ma

gives you a list of all module administration commands.

fwconsole ma download ucp

downloads the module. Then

fwconsole ma install ucp

installs it.

fwconsole ma listonline

shows the modules that are missing from the installation. Etc.

This is also possible to do from the FreePBX GUI, under

Admin -> Module Admin

it’s all listed here

Thanks. Next will be to figure out what a User is, whether I need one, and how to add one.

Right, I saw that in the manual. But it doesn’t explain why you would want a user, or what being a user permits you to do. For instance, does every employee in the company who has an extension need to be a user, or is that just for people administering the PBX?

To place and receive calls, you don’t need a user.

However, if you want that user to be able to log in to UCP, or have fax to email, then you’ll have to setup a user.

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