New install of freepbx problem

Hi all,
wondering if anyone has any suggestions what to do with new installation which goes like this:
Downloaded of this link, 32 bit, stable version with CentOS 6.3 (
Burned cd with iso burner all went ok. Boot computer with cd in everything goes ok as it say in manual and goes all the way to configure TCP/IP , when i hit ok i get message Waiting for NetworkingManager to configure ETH0 and after couple seconds that disappear and then my problem starts.
Next thing i get is Disc Not Found message saying that CentOS disc was not found in CDROM, can i insert CentOS disc and press OK to retry and eject cd.
Computer Dell Dimension 8200
Any help would be appreciated


hi ACA,

this is because on older systems the naming config of eth ports are ethX and Dell and broadcom joinned up and changed this… So when Linux is looking to config the eth0 it can’t find it.

I have been having the same issue :frowning:

Hi friends! I have the same problem, tell me what to do?

I downloaded FreePBX-5.211.65-4-x86_64-Full-1389202194.iso when install CDROM drive eject
on the screen "Please insert centos disc 1 to continue"
If you install FreePBX-5.211.65-3-x86_64-Full-1388073872.iso no such problem.
Help solve the problem, thanks!

Try downloading the actual ISO file:

which was updated 24.01.2014 (today).

Once fully downloaded, check its MD5 Hash against:

so you’ll be sure the download was OK.

The URL download link on the FreePBX Distro Download web page still points to the previous ISO file:

which, actually (read: today, now), results in a “File Not Found” error message since it was removed.

Someone should place an updated time-stamp regarding the very latest available ISO file since it could change from time to time just after its first release (this even if the FreePBX Distro ISO we’re referring to still points, in this case, to 5.211.65-4).

Thank you my friend!
Did as you said and everything works fine!

Already fixed the download page today.

Great. Would be also a nice plus if other than the release date a time stamp of the latest updated ISO (if any) is placed (when necessary).

As example:

  • FreePBX Distro 5.211.65 (32/64 bit)
    • Minor Release 1: Released 16.12.2013 (links to 32/64 bit ISOs/IMGs and MD5/SHA256 Hashes)
    • Minor Release 2: Released 19.12.2013 (links to 32/64 bit ISOs/IMGs and MD5/SHA256 Hashes)
    • Minor Release 3: Released 26.12.2013 (links to 32/64 bit ISOs/IMGs and MD5/SHA256 Hashes)
    • Minor Release 4: Released 24.01.2014 (links to 32/64 bit ISOs/IMGs and MD5/SHA256 Hashes)
    • Minor Release 5: Released 25.01.2014 (links to 32/64 bit ISOs/IMGs and MD5/SHA256 Hashes)

Edit 01.02.2014: FreePBX Distro download web page lacks IMG’s MD5SUM URLs (only URLs to ISO’s MD5SUM were provided).


I am having the “disk not found” problem. Version 5.211.65-8, dated 3-14-2014.

What do I do?
Don James

What is the capacity of the USB Drive?