New install: locked myself out from firewall?

i was performing the initial configure, and was setting up my firewall, when my dang cat jumped up on my laptop keyboard…
long story, short… i can’t access vie the web GUI, or even SSH. i have access to the physical terminal later today.
how do i restore access from the terminal?

Slightly longer story (for those interested):
i had JUST confirmed that this laptop was a trusted IP, and was about to Trust the network range, as it is a private network, when i got an “undefined” error. enter cat… random keys are pressed…

i have used FreePBX before, as i had this installed on a previous server that suffered a motherboard failure, and i don’t have a similar server handy due to cost to just swap the hard-drives out. so i threw together a different one, popped in my POTS interface card (analog lines from telephone company here. low budget…), and installed from the latest SNG7 ISO.

Thanks in advance for any help.


solved with:
fwconsole firewall list trusted

and trust an IP with:

fwconsole firewall trust x.x.x.x


In case it comes up again, another option can be to reboot the server twice, quickly. This will bring the firewall down for a few minutes.

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FWIW, the last two installs we’ve done, both in the last week, locked us out of the GUI during the responsive firewall setup wizard. So it may not have been the cat :slight_smile:


What ISO did you start from? Did you upgrade anything after install, but prior to running the initial setup wizard?

My default process is to run a script immediately after install, prior to opening the GUI for the first time that, among other things, updates everything to current.

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