New install. error code: 524 When installing module soundlang

This is a completely new install on a new debian 12 VPS.
Everything works well until I install SoundLang and get an error screen

                    $message = _("The mirror server did not return the correct response and had been previously changed from the default server(s), it has now been reset back to the standard default. Please try again");
                } else {
                    $code = $e->getCode();
                    $msg = $e->getMessage();
                    $message .= !empty($msg) ? $msg : sprintf(_("Error %s returned from remote servers %s"),$code,json_encode($mirrors['mirrors'], JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR));
                    $message .= ", ";
            $message = rtrim(trim($message),",");
            throw new \Exception($message,$code);
        } else {
            throw new \Exception(sprintf(_("Unknown Error. Response was empty from %s"),json_encode($mirrors['mirrors'], JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR)),0);

I have also attempted it through cli and just get

Installing core-sounds-g722...
In Soundlang.class.php line 1548:

  error code: 524

Must have been a dodgey install… after 4th OS and freepbx re-install it worked

Seems to me your VPS DNS issue…

I have had other DNS issues to FreePBX… so that is probably right… thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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