New Install - Activation problem

Hello all,

I’m kind of stumped with something and could use some help.

Fresh install of FreePBX… all modules and the system updated to current versions.

Tonight, I went and purchased the SysAdmin Pro Module, and it installed just fine. Now I’m trying to go and install the free Extension Routing Module. I get to the cart, and it asks for my deployment ID. And the system can’t seem to find it.

I went to portal at sangoma ‘dot’ com and logged in, and selected “list users”, found my name, clicked the company, and another screen came up with info. Selected the tab for “Deployments” and then got “No deployments found”.

Then I went to Products, PBX, List, and again saw no deployments.

So how did this let me activate the deployment… and even purchase a module, but won’t show my deployment information?

My guess is you have two accounts with us and the one you registered with for sysadmin is different login than you are now trying to login with.

Hi Tony. That would make sense… except the invoice and order confirmation emails were sent to the same e-mail address I log into the portal with. When I log in to the portal, I’m able to click on “All Invoices” and see the invoice for System Admin Pro. And when I did that from the system, it activated it. So how can I have a product billed to my account, with my e-mail address, and activated on my only system, but can’t see it in my deployments?

I’m brand new to this, so slightly confused about how that works.

I built a brand new install from scratch, and activated it, and was able to see that one in my deployments. But that’s not the one I registered the module to.

So the main question I have is… If I can’t figure out what went wrong or how to fix it… is there any way I can move the license for system admin pro off the old deployment and use it only on the new one?

You would need to open a customer service ticket at and they can assist you.

Thank you very much Tony. I appreciate the assistance.

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