New Grandstream Phone Models


Just wondering if we can eventually expect the new Grandstream GRP phones to be supported by EPM? I see they have their own deployment tool for those phones, and I’ve heard of companies refusing to work with FreePBX when they’re trying to push their own policies/agendas (like Polycom).

Does anyone have any experience with using the EPM to provision these phones? Can I maybe set one up as a GXP2130 for the time being? I’d prefer to keep all my provisioning in one place and it looks like Grandstream is going to be replacing their previous GXP line with these.

I’ll experiment a bit.

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To my understanding, any manufacturer has to sign an agreement of some type with Sangoma to get phones added.

If you don’t see the models on the currently supported list, then contact Grandstream directly to request they have them added:

The initial response from Grandstream was that manual configuration and templating was supported, but I couldn’t get a solid answer on plans to include their new products in the EPM. I have filled out a support ticket for additional info.

Response from Grandstream was this:
GRP26xx currently is not supported on FreePBX EPM, i will add feature request to add GRP21xx model series so it would be supported by EPM. We do not have a timeline to provide on when the models will be added.
Let us know if you need further support to configure GRP26xx without EPM. You can use to configure GRPs via the cloud at free cost.

Like I told them, I don’t want more than one place to do all my provisioning. My clients use a mix of phone models and devices.

Thanks for the replies!

Any word on Grandstream GRP26xx being added to EPM?

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