New Front Page

As you would have noticed, suddenly has a new front page. I’ve changed the default “jump straight into trac”, as it was a bit daunting for new users. Hopefully this will make it a bit more friendly and easier to navigate. I’ve put some useful links up the top left hand side, including one that takes you straight into reporting a bug. That’s there for a reason - a lot of users who aren’t programmers don’t think that they can help with freePBX, but they can! By reporting bugs to us, they get fixed. We want freePBX to be as good as we can make it, but we need to know what’s not working. So if you find a bug, report it!

There’s been a huge amount of development going on, as we’re heading towards Asterisk 1.4 and FreePBX 2.2, and I’ve decided to try to make everything that’s happening behind the scenes (eg, with the current active developers) a bit more visible to everyone. As most users would have noticed, last week I put an alert into the 2.1 online modules saying that you needed to upgrade. This came about with the help of Barrie Dempster who spent a couple of days firing off emails to me pointing out security issues. It also prodded me into fixing a long standing security issue with the Flash Operator Panel, as well as moving away from using Sourceforge as the module repository - that was what was causing the odd SSL errors that people were seeing when doing online updates.

I’ll be trying to put some links here to various places that I’ve put howtos, and hints and tips. People seem to be a lot more comfortable searching a blog like this rather than the Wikis that we’ve got, so I’ll see how this goes.