New FreePBX, New IP, Won't Register - Caching OLD IP

Sipstation is caching the IP from my old FreePBX installation
For whatever reason the IP Address in the database will not update to the new public IP of my current FreePBX

I have removed, using the sipstation plugin, the keys and trunks on the old PBX

On the new PBX I have added the key and then the trunks are generated but the IP Address still shows the old IP of the old server.

Please advise how to request that the cache be cleared.

Are you sure your old server is not on and still has the registration strings? That’s where the data is populated from. There is no cache.

That is what was causing the IP to show up in the new server
My timing was just bad.
Now that the old server is fully off line, I just cant register at all
According to SipStation, they are not seeing anything from my IP.
I have my nat settings set to External, as the server sits right on the internet with a public IP.

I am sure its something I have done, I have been using freePBX for years, no problems, however this new server I built myself, not from the Distro (Hosted virtual) so somewhere along the lines I must be missing something!