New FreePbx Installation

Hello There,

Need some help on a new Installation.

Trying to deploy FreePbx to support 100 extensions and manage 80 concurrent calls.

Will it be a problem?


What are you asking will be a problem? There are plenty of threads on how to dimension a server.

The rest you gave us not information on.

Sorry. What i mean is that: Is it Feasible ?

This is my first Freepbx deployment. Have been doing Aastra/Grandstream/3CX.

Just asking the capability of Freepbx.

Of course - as long as you use a sufficient server and decent phones - This is a fairly large deployment though.

Not trying to be insulting, just trying to head off a disaster at the pass - don’t be the point of failure on this deployment - i.e. you should be VERY comfortable with Asterisk/FreePBX/CentOS/Linux/Networking before you even attempt this size of deployment - Asterisk is more than capable of this size deployment and larger as long as it is provisioned and configured correctly.

Very Funny Snover…

The Server is a Quad Core Xeon Processor with 8gigs of RAM.

I have deployed an IDS using CentOS so i think i should be fine.

Anyway…One more Quick Question: With regards to the commercial modules, which ones would you recommend.


Hmmm…actually wasn’t trying to be funny…

On every deployment that we are doing going forward since FreePBX 2.12:

Conference Pro - Cheap and nice if they use Conference Rooms, otherwise skip
Endpoint - Always
Fax Pro - If they Use FAX, otherwise skip

And if you have nice Digium/Aastra Phones:

Rest API
Rest Apps

They are awesome, but you have to have phones that can use them!

Great. Thanks.

I actually have a bunch of Grandstream Handsets to use them with though someone wanted to sell some cheap Dlink phones (DPH-150SE/B/F3).

Thanks alot for the advice.