New FreePBX Appliance - can't get 2 extensions to work together

I have a new Sangoma FreePBX appliance 60 that was purchased for our client. I have done the initial configuration on it and purchased the commercial endpoint manager module. The eth0 port is set up on the data network and the eth1 network is set up for the voice vlan. I’ve set up the DHCP server on the voice vlan to point the TFTP at the appliance and that is all working. The phones boot and download firmware and do what they’re supposed to.

The phones are polycom - most are IP550s with a mix of some lower end models of VVX phones. Right now I have my own IP550 and an IP501 configured on the system using PJSIP extensions. They boot as they’re supposed to and get the time and everything.

I can access voicemail with *98 but after the phone has been playing prompts for about 30 seconds to a minute the phone hangs up. Looking at the asterisk command line it still thinks the phone is on the call as it is continuing to play prompts even though the phone has hung up.

pjsip show endpoints show both endpoints as unavailable. If I call each extension from the opposite phone I get the unavailable voicemail greeting.

Not sure I understand why this is happening … everything is new out of the box - the phones are freshly formatted as well.

I don’t know if I get any included install or setup support with a brand new appliance but that would be helpful as well.


In Asterisk SIP Settings, confirm that Local Networks is properly set for both of your LANs. If you change these settings, you must restart (not just reload) Asterisk for them to take effect.

If that’s not your issue, at the Asterisk command prompt do
pjsip set logger on
and post the Asterisk log for a failing call.

Yes, I believe that was the issue… although I switched the interfaces around so that the voice network was on eth0 and the data network was on eth1. It’s now placing calls between the extensions and not hanging up 30 seconds into the call. Thanks for the help!

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