New free VOIP App ( jiPBX ) working perfectly with Freepbx

Dear All,

I found a new app which is working perfectly with Freepbx.
Please try yourself.


Why are you calling a softphone a pbx?

Nothing Specific, Just a name matching Managed PBX solution we are offering.

So you just ‘found’ an app that you wrote yourself?


Please explain exactly what you mean by works perfectly, as currently this reads as though posted by the author of the software not an unconnected user.

There’s nothing to explain. This has been a tactic I have seen in other places. Someone makes a post in a community like they’ve found something new but really they are just hawking their wares.

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:slight_smile: . Honestly, I was so tired of existing softphone apps and i asked our partner company to build new one.
It’s free without any adware, no tracking, no funny business. I am using with my office telephony and liked it

I would request someone to please review and share feedback here. That would relive me from the blame.

Well it won’t be me. I use Bria for my softphone solutions and 90% of my users are iOS so this only being Android immediately removes it from any consideration from me.

Plus the app is just a big ad for the pbx platform.

And your ‘office telephony system’ is in what way related to FreePBX ?

Yes we have FreePBX in our office . I only shared because this app work well with freePBX/ Asterisk

Well, its going too far, Never thought sharing a usable app would be perceived as spam. Please feel free to delete if it violates anything or not helping anybody.

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