New firmware 4_X_X for P3xx phones does not have evidence of active call forward

Dear all,
I have recently upgraded some of our P315 phones to the new 4_X_X firmware series (4_19_2 at the moment) from 3_11_1.
In the 3_X_X series, when call forwarding was set, in the display I could see a line indicating the call forwarding active and the forwarded number.

Now in the 4_19_2 version this is not happening anymore. There is no hint that a phone has a Call forwarding active.

Is there a setting to get back this information in the home screen of the phone?
It was a useful feature.


Works for me,

Do you have another notification in the upper left?

Yes, I had the missed calls notiifcation.
I didn’t realize the notification for the call forwarding would go there!
Thank you for the pointer!


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