New Feature - VPN Server port in System Admin is configurable

Now that FREEPBX-12422 is resolved and System Admin ver has been published to the edge repo, it’s now possible for a FreePBX admin to define the VPN server port that phone clients to connect to. This has been problematic for systems behind NAT where port 1194 was already in use by another system. As a security thru obscurity step, there may also be some value in setting the VPN port to a high random number.


Only very new versions of Endpoint Manager will generate the correct VPN config if the port is changed from the 1194 default, so for anyone testing this feature be sure that you’re on Endpoint Manager (in edge now).

Also be aware there is still an outstanding issue with Firewall FREEPBX-22928 so early testers will want to be aware of that and add some custom firewall rules until that ticket is sorted.

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