New Extensions Default Values

Hi all,
I’m trying to change the settings for new extension.
I’m new at this and I couldn’t find the correct file that I should edit in order to change the default value.
For example I want that all new extensions will automatically be created with NAT enabled

The default NAT settings can be adjusted under the Settings tab > Advanced Settings > Device Settings section > SIP nat > Change to YES. Nat will automatically be turned on for future extensions that you setup.

I’m also looking for help if someone has any ideas. I would like to adjust the default settings for the voicemail portion when going through the new extension setup. The “Require From Same Extension” and “Disable (*) in Voicemail Menu” are different depending on which setup (add extension/quick create extension) you go through, and I would like to set a standard, for either one. I’m on the latest freepbx version (10.13.66-12)
Thank you.