New extension is unactivated for voicemail


I have inherited a freePBX box version
There is a problem activating a new extension for voicemail.
Voicemail is working okay on other extensions.
On the voicemail admin page, it shows the new extension as

Julian - Home <493> (default) [unactivated]

On the voicemail page,it shows the ‘voicemail and directory’ status as

I have searched for an answer to this without success.
This is all very new to me, and I’m struggling.
Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

many thanks,

What happens when you call the extension? Does it go to voice mail? Did the user setup a password and greeting?

I just checked an extension on my system that has [unactivated] in voice mail admin. The voice mail works.

Please verify what happens when you call the extension. Asterisk console logs of the call would be helpful.

Why is it that most questions in here do not have answers?

Why is it that most questions in here do not have answers? I have the same problem, added new extension but in voicemail (name, extension, unactivated.) What’s the solution to this?

Questions are unanswered because of the constant refusal to read the “read before posting” and give us the tools we can use to help.

A quick read of the Asterisk voice mail documentation would have revealed that this indicates the user has not recorded their name and/or the password=the extension number.

Hi Skyking, people ask questions here that go unanswered because these results come up as the top hits in Google, and the actual answers almost never appear.

Every community has problems with people not reading instructions, and yet those community forums actually return responses. I’ve found 9/10 questions here that I’ve found through Google have no answers to legitimate questions that are not documented elsewhere. For example, can you provide where it says that Asterisk voicemail documentation says you can’t leave a voicemail without a recorded message? I’ve been working with Asterisk since 1.4 and that is not the case at all. Particularly using options su in the configs allow you to send voicemails.

But thanks for the answer. It’s great how clear FreePBX makes that point in its UI. And it sounds like great design that you can’t leave voicemails without recording a message.