New EXT Unavailable

What does the caller hear? What, if anything, gets logged at the trunking provider? Does the DID show in the provider portal as active? Routes properly at the provider?

The call hears on my cell that this number “call cannot be completed as the call is temporary unavailable”

What do provider logs show?

I would have to call and ask my sip trunk provider for that right?

This is the log from the SBC

Log from SBC

asterisk log full

That is me making a successful call out… to Teams ext.

I have no interest in looking at SBC logs (tho others might), this is a FreePBX forum.

I interpreted the original claim as “registered internal extension rings with local calls but not external calls”. I think your actual problem might be “inbound trunk calls are failing, outbound works”

And then you shared a bunch of registration failures and call traces of a queue call, none of which are marked up so they’re readable.

We have Teams and PBX integrated every ext. prior to this new one I created can be reached VIA Teams… Any hints?

If no log is produced, than SBC doesn’t forward calls to FreePBX for some reason, so check your SBC.

Figured it out… New ext. needed to be added to dial plan on SBC

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