New Distro installation, missing... most?

Good evening all-

I have a brand new installation of the 32-bit distro (FreePBX-STABLE32.iso).

First: the installation was different that what it appears to be in the instructions, which I can certainly deal with
Second, and most importantly- there is no FreePBX module!!

It was installed via USB (a Rufus burn). SHMZ Release 6.5 final.
It’s like I’m missing all of the FreePBX modules, and I can’t start Asterisk (neither #asterisk nor #amportal)

Is there someplace I can get them, or am I missing something?? Urgent help requested.

you should be using the usb .img NOT an iso for USB installs
Also what instructions die you follow?

Well for Pete’s sake… I have no explanation. DLing the USB IMG file right now… will advise.
Thank you, I will post results so this can (hopefully) be closed.

Well whaddayaknow- when you do it the correct and obvious way, it works just fine.

I apologize for wasting hard drive space with this stupidity. Thank you, jfinstrom.