New Distro Install idea

Hello All,

I have posted elsewhere that sometimes you want to just have everything on a CD/DVD because download speeds slow down the process when you in crunch time.
I remembered one of the old redhat installs used to give you an option for network install OR disk or other source.
This may be a good option for the new ISO distro.

If we take the time to download all the files required ( centos files etc ) then we would be able to point to that external source ( hard drive, network drive ) and grab those locally saving not only on the download time, but on the load being placed where the distro is being served from.

I understand that this model insures you have the latest and greatest, but once you install the slightly older stuff a quick update will get you updated to the current revisions.

Thanks Everyone! Love the Distro.

The issue at this point is we are using the built in Schmooze Auto Distro creation process we have which can only be done with a netinstall disk or PXE server. It would take us re-engineering our whole automated process for distro building and maintaining and not something we can do at this time as we still have to get the store online for people and a few other goodies but it is something we can look at doing this summer at some point.

Hi, Tony,
How about using the .iso with PXE server? Something like this:
cd /srv/fPbxD
mount -o loop FreePBX-3.211.63-8-i386-Full-1366661092.iso ./3.211

In …/pxelinux.cfg/default:
KERNEL fPbxD/3.211/vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=fPbxD/3.211/initrd.img ip=dhcp ksdevice=eth0 ks=nfs:pbx.local:/srv/fPbxD/ksraid.cfg ramdisk_size=14984 locale=en_lang=en_US keymap=us hostname=pbx1.local vga=0x31a root=/dev/ram rw –