New distribution

I have created a new distribution to install FreePBX. It is called PBX*Distro.

PBX*Distro lets you have a full functional PBX-IP in 25 minutes.

You don’t have to worry about compiling or rpm anything. You just insert the image CD into your server and after 25 minutes you will have a full functional PBX-IP.

PBX*Distro has several advantage over other distros:

You will have LVMs in your server. Either for noraid, softraid level-1 and for any hardraid level.

It has the lasted version of Dahdi, Wanpipe, Asterisk and FreePBX.

It has Fax Server using Hylafax.

It is very fast because it does not contain any heavy frames and other not useful modules.

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Is the only way to see any of this is to pay for a download.


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