New Digium Phones Addon

A new Digium Phones Addon is now available.

It provides support for setting the phone locale from the Phones tab - voicemail folder names are also translated, under the hood, based on the locale setting.

It also supports the new phone firmware 1.3.2 and the ability to set the PC port’s VLAN bindings.

Details at -

I am running DPMA with asterisk 11 & FPBX 2.11. I can not seem to get the correct time to show on the D70, I have tried different NTP servers but time is always off by -3 hr, I can not find any place to set my time zone on both the gui or in the config files, I have checked the PBX and it is correct, has anyone been able to set this ?


Sorry found it, it was right there in the gui just didn’t see.

Yay :slight_smile:

That Wiki page noted above should have everything documented. So, if you can’t find something in the addon web interface itself, check the Wiki and it should point you in the right direction.



In the phonebook section of the Digium add-on module for FreePBX, the “local extension” list is populated exclusively with devices–and no users. We are running user&device mode. How do I get it to pre-populate users instead?


We are running FreePBX Distro with Asterisk 11.

Also, I cannot “reconfigure” my phone… The system says, “Could not find user with name ‘401001’ to reconfigure.”

It’s built for devices at the moment. If you’ve got users, you’ll have to add them manually, sorry.

You can follow along at -

Though there won’t be any progress there for a while - we’re still pretty locked onto Asterisk 12 development.


Is that because your phone’s not currently got a session that’s active, or because of some devices&users mode quirk?