New Contributed Module - Synology

Thanks to @vsc55 there is a new module available from the contributed repo for FreePBX 16 to configure and monitor Synology backups.

It’s installable via Module Admin in FreePBX 16 from the Unsupported repo. After module install, there some additional OS steps to get the agent up and running.

There is not currently a wiki page for this module, so anyone who wishes to contribute one, ping me and we’ll find a space for it.

Thanks @vsc55 !


This looks great! Does it allow for snapshots? And can it be used as a baremetal restore?

Hi @lgaetz,
It is a pleasure to help where I can. :smiley:
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Hi @ozarktech,

This is the URL with the information of Synology Active Backup for Business.

This module would be for physical servers since for virtual servers Active Backup for Business works directly with the ESXi or Hyper-V host and is transparent to guest systems.

With this system we can recover the complete physical machine (via bootable USB), or recover the machine in a virtual system within the Synology NAS itself (depends on the model) or virtual hosts such as ESXi or Hyper-V.

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