New Commercial Product for FreePBX/PBXact - SmartOffice Access

(Lorne Gaetz) #1

Sangoma is happy to announce the launch of SmartOffice Access, an easy-to-use and convenient door entry solution for small businesses, with FreePBX User management integration.

Leveraging IoT technologies, SmartOffice Access is completely controlled and operated via a mobile app. It uses your existing wiring and network infrastructure, so no running wires to doors or controllers, or drilling through walls. Simply install wireless locks, attach door sensors, and plug in some basic hardware.

This initial launch is for our North American open source channels and community, with global expansion planned for future. For more information please visit


Sounds good, my concern would be cameras and routers calling home are one thing, I would need any locks to be well provenanced :wink:

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I look forward to trying it out at some point. Probably be months before I can though.

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