New blog post - New tool for helping move from SIP to PJSIP

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@mbrooks just wrote a new blog post on the blog discussing a new tool added to help convert extensions from SIP to PJSIP. Feel free to read more at:

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Matthew Fredrickson


Used this tool yesterday after restoring a backup from a FreePBX 2.8 system onto a new FreePBX 15 install.

The process worked generally as expected.
There were some odd errors about failing to remove some voicemail folders and then also I think some of the default settings did not get set. Because a bulk export of the extensions shows really different between an extension that has subsequently been edited, and ones that have not.

Unfortunately as it was a time crunch due to the fact that the 2.8 system was failed, I did not spend time trobleshooting.

But most importantly, calls were working.