New asterisk/freepbx install not working

Hi. I just installed freepbx under DEbian buster with asterisk 16.6. After install I went to the html/admin URL and it asked me for admin username, password and email address and I said set up system. Now, there are two choices, ucp which when I click the browser says not found, and operator panel which waits indefinitely. I am using php 7.3. How do I even troubleshoot this one?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Somewhere in /etc/apache2/sites*/* your (virtual) servers will all be defined but not necessarily available, the available services will be in:-


But I can log in, if the site was not there, I would not be able to even log into the gui.

I must be missing something here, either you can login or you cant, its either working or not. your virtual servers are available (or not) as I suggested on any of various ports as you define. Firewall rules can stop you getting to virtual servers.

OK, its working, I think I never logged in properly. Thanks.

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