New Alpha Distro 4.211.64-1

I finally found some time to get a Centos 6.4 ISO built up. It has been pushed to the download mirrors and is available for download. This version is code named "Call Forward" and is comprised of Centos 6.4, FreePBX 2.11 and like always your choice of Asterisk 1.8, 10 or 11 at install time.

I am also working on retiring the 2.210.62 branch. With FreePBX 2.11 coming out Monday from Beta and Centos 6.2 being well over a year old, its time to retire the build. Below is a list of changes that are happening.

  • 2.210.62-This branch will be EOL. I will provide 1 final upgrade script that will take you to the 3.211.63 branch since that is now the stable track.
  • 3.211.63-This branch has been in Beta for well over 6 months and will now become the stable branch.
  • 4.211.64-Alpha branch released.

Lastly depending on demand I see in this thread I would be willing to provide a one off upgrade script to let users go from 3.211.63 branch to the new 4.211.64 branch so they can continue to be on a Alpha/Beta branch without reinstalling.