New 1.811.210.57 Upgrade scripts

I just rolled a new Upgrade Script for the FreePBX Distro which will upgrade Asterisk to 1.8.11.

Please see

I believe that it is likeley that Dahdi 2.6 is broken which is why I have not upgraded to Asterisk 8.10 after my experiences indicate there is a problem with it. The previous upgrade script not only goes to Asterisk 8.10 but also goes from Dahdi 2.5 to 2.6. I noticed someone else suffered similar problems when they went to Dahdi 2.6, namely poor audio quality on PRI and loss of old Dahdi configs.

Has anyone else run the previous upgrade script to Asterisk 8.10 and Dahdi 2.6 and checked audio performance after the upgrade? I am really interested to know if my problems were unique to me or if the problem is more general?

We have numerous customers on 2.6 and Sangoma told me they know of no issues and have installed in on lots of boxes.

The dahdi config issue will happen if you have the Digium Dahdi Module for FreePBX installed. They do things completely wrong in that module and upgrading dahdi breaks everything.

I have been waiting on this to fix the parking lot issue.
How can i install the script?

I have done wget on the box and can see it in the root folder but what do i do with it from there?

Have googled all i can think of from how to install script in centos to how to upgrade freepbx using script and nothing tells me how to do…


Tony I am using digium hardware and have done the upgrade twice, the second time from a virgin install without the dahdi module installed, both times the dahdi config files were removed and replaced by generic files and afterwards the voice quality was poor. Would really like to hear from someone who has done this with digium hardware using E1’s for comparison.

just set the execute permission on the script (chmod +x) and then run the script.

I would move the script (mv) to /usr/src, don’t put things in root.

cheers :slight_smile:

it’s the simple things that trip us up at times…

announcement of park extension to wrong party fixed now

Yay !!! 3 cheers for a distro that has ongoing support !!!