Network Issues Possibly Causing Aastra Phone Problems

Just wanting to check with the forum to see if y’all had any ideas of what may be going on with our Aastra phones. We have been having some troubles with our network the last couple of days and it seems to be a loop in the network somewhere but not sure. This morning our whole network was down and most of the Aastra 6731i phones were in a state of web recovery. Why would network issues cause the phones to do this? Also, the phones have just been rebooting during the day at certain times and during these times the network seems to be having the trouble. During these times of trouble on the network I have also noticed on the phones that when you lift the handset there is a delay before you get a dial tone and a delay when dialing the number. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

You had a loop in your network that caused a broadcast storm. The network stack in the Aastra’s can be a bit touchy. I have only seen this happen in the most extreme cases.

Always install managed switches with broadcast storm control.

SkykingOH, thanks for the response. So you have seen this put the Aastra phone in web recovery due to a broadcast storm?