Network down - pstn calls won't bridge

I’ve seen this issue off and on for a while now. Has anyone had this issue?
My DSL connection was down today and although the IVR answered calls wouldn’t bridge to dial out to the second PSTN line when I punched in an extension that dialed out.

I have two inbound zap ports (tdm400p) and voip for failover.

Has anyone seen this issue or know of a way to fix it?

Is there a log file analyzer for asterisk somewhere?


Cool, that’s easy enough to do :slight_smile:
I’ll set it up and try it out!


I’ve seen this mentioned on the Digium Asterisk-Users list a few times. The
problem (as unrelated as it might sound) is DNS resolution. As soon as
Asterisk cannot perform DNS lookups, call routing goes to hell. The only
solution I’ve heard offered is to put some type of DNS caching agent on or
in front of the Asterisk box. That way, Asterisk never knows DNS is down and
never experiences routing issues.


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