Net Installer fails, can't see error messages


Trying to install the new “Net Installer” ISO, FreePBX-Distro-Net-32bit- I downloaded from the web site. DVD burned fine and attempting to use it in a Dell Dimension desktop system (about 5 years old).

On boot, I do get a menu (FreePBX distro 32 Bit Net Install) and then
a menu

memtest86 - Memory test
FreePBX Net STABLE installer version - WARNING…
(two more options, also with WARNING…)

No keyboard input works, I assume the WARNING is trying to tell me
something, but don’t know how to see more of the message.

I tried using the onboard NIC, and also disabled that and installed another
NIC card, but no luck there either.

Not sure what is going. Any suggestions/tips are welcome! The machine
will run other Linux installers fine for Centos/Ubuntu just fine.