Nested EPM configuration templates

Using FreePBX v16.0.19, Asterisk v18.11.3, and EndPoint Manager (paid for version) v16.0.64.1, I have created a base configuration template for Sangoma S705 phones. For the left five buttons, I’ve configured three line appearances and two shared voicemail boxes. That all works as expected. This is a five phone system (extensions 200-204) so for four of the right buttons on each phone, I want to program a BLF for the other four phone extensions. I was thinking I could set up one template for all phone configuration that is identical across all phones and then create five more templates that just include the unique (delta) changes for each of the five phones. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this by maintaining one template for the base configuration of all phones and then maintain five additional templates for just the delta changes for each phone. Is there really no way to do this in EPM or am I just dense (which is entirely possible :grinning:)? Here is an example of what I want each phone’s buttons to look like:

Phone @ x200:
200 – 201
200 – 202
200 – 203
Gen VM – 204
Cust VM – blank

Phone @ x201:
201 – 200
201 – 202
201 – 203
Gen VM – 204
Cust VM – blank

Phone @ x202:
202 – 200
202 – 201
202 – 203
Gen VM – 204
Cust VM – blank


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

You may be looking for BLF Substitutions. That means that if e.g. x200 has a template with x200’s BLF, replace it’s own BLF with the [BLF substitution] value.

Thanks for the BLF Substitution reference. This was a feature I was unaware of. I researched it and unless there is something I don’t understand about BLF Substitution, I don’t think this is going to solve my problem. If BLF Substitution had a way to look at each phone’s extension and then “autofill” the right 4 buttons with the remaining 4 extensions that would be prefect but that’s not how I understand BLF Substitution to work. To reiterate, for each of the 5 phones, I want the other 4 phones extensions to have BLF keys on the right side starting at the top. Or said another way, for all 5 phones, I want a BLF key in the right side for the other 4 phones. This just seems like a no brainer that should be possible in EPM. It should be as simple as configuring certain settings in a template to apply to ALL phones using that template and then overlay an exception or delta template for settings that apply to only a single phone (or maybe a group of phones).

Here’s what programming looks like so far:

Problem is Paulina at x200 doesn’t need to see her own BLF key in the upper right button. She only needs to see extensions 201-204 in the right buttons starting from the top. For reference, extension assignments are: x200=Paulina, x201=Newby, x202=Penny, x203=Kimberly, x204=Conf Rm. Ultimately I want to reserve the bottom right button for paging to additional button configurations such as speed dials and such.

You can adjust an individual phones template through UCP. Under User Management, find your user (or any user you want to be able to access all users phone templates) and click edit, navigate to the UCP tab and fine the sub tab called Endpoint Manager. Then make sure Allow Endpoint is set to Yes, and under Endpoint Access make sure you have all devices you want to manage checked. Click submit and apply changes.

Now log into UCP, you should be able to add a side bar widget called Device Management. This widget will allow you to adjust the individual template for each phone.

You can also do UCP button edits directly from EPM → Extension Mapping if Admin UCP is enabled in Global settings.

Thanks for the pointer. Researching this approach now.

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