Need to temporarily forward calls to the main line

We need to vacate the office for a few days while repairs are done, and I’d like to forward everything coming in to an off-site number for the short term.

I don’t want to undo the work that the consultant did when setting up the server, (the main reception phone can handle up to four calls, plus two other phones also are in the ring group on their second lines). So I’m not sure if modifying the ring group is the right way to go.

I tried setting up forwarding directly on the phone but that didn’t work. I’d love to just be able to do it that way so the receptionist could just forward to her cell phone when she needs to run out, but if I could do it from within the FreePBX admin panel that would be great-I know I can have the SIP provider do it, but that seems like overkill (and I have to work with their non-emergency help desk hours).

Setup Call control and send your inbound route to start there.
Option the call control that when normal the call goes to reception ring group, but when call control toggled (*280) calls will be sent to misc destination.
Setup a misc destination to new offsite number.
Once repairs are done, simply dial *280 again and all is back to how it was …

I use this feature to let reception users get a break if needed when no one is there or in case of forced early closure of business hours that day.

Also handy for small business where all staff sometimes end up out on site with no one answering calls. They simply set to divert to their mobile and the inbound route goes there.

MUST REMEMBER TO TURN IT OFF THOUGH !!! This does not reset in the next time condition or anything. it is on until turned off.

Hope this helps.

So I loaded the module, and when I go to create a call flow control I get the option to use the regular Ring Group for the Normal Flow (so no problem there), but the Override flow doesn’t give an option that looks suitable: [Extensions, Feature Code Admin, Voicemail, Ring Groups, Terminate Call, Trunks].

Also, when I go to the Incoming Route (my General Inbound Calling route) I don’t see an option to set it to run through Call Flow Control. Am I misunderstanding how to set that up?

create misc destination then put that as the second option in call control
i said that in the last post but it can get confusing.
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