Need to setup Call Flow feature


We have a customer that we install the Freepbx Distro FreePBX with Asterisk 11.9.0.

This is what happens,

We create a Call Flow for them that is using a Time Condition on the normal flow(this one manage the open hours of the business) and a IVR on the Override flow(this IVR is when their office is closed due to the holidays or if they want to close the business before the time set under the time condition) so they can switch using the *280 when they want to forward all the inbound calls.

the issue is that they also wants to create another Call Flow, so they can switch all the inbound calls to an extension(Conference room ext) when they go to lunch.

So they want to be able to hit *280 and toggle to the office close due to the holidays IVR, and *281 to toggle to the forward all to the conference room ext.

Is there a way that i can accomplish that? because right now the inbound route is pointing to the *280 Call Flow.

Thanks in advance for your respond.

Yes - Have the Normal Flow of *280 go to *281 and then the normal flow of *281 should go to where *280 goes now and the override setting of *281 should go to the Conference Room.

Like So:

*280 -> Normal -> *281 -> Normal -> Ring Group of Desk Phones.
*280 -> Override -> Forwarding
*280 -> Normal -> *281 ->Override -> Conference Room

Be careful - I always seem to have a problem with getting people to understand that turning off one nested Override does not change the other, and they are forever turning both of them on at the same time and not understanding that the first override short-circuits the flow and the second override is never checked.

Ok i get it…

Thanks for the quick respond GSnover, i will test it tomorrow and let you know, what i will do also to make their live easy is that i will setup a BLF on one of the speed dial for them so they can see the status on what is going on.

Yes! That is the key in having them do it right and also not Fat-Finger the code and fail that way - Hooray for buttons!

You mean it is like a tree of electric SPDT switches…if the first is switched on a branch , the switches settings on the other branch are useless, isn’t it ?

If you set it up that way yes - SPDT = Single Pole Double Throw for the non-nerds reading this. This kind of logic is taught hardly at all anymore except in Electrical Engineering and some Computer Science curriculum’s - I got it in the Navy and again in CS in college.

Buttons make it much plainer for people to grasp.

Hey GSnover, you are the best!!!

It works PERFECT!!! sorry for been so loud. :smile:

I add the BLF to the phone so i dont have to explain the nested override that we are doing… For them is just press the button and check the red or green status. :smile:

Thank you again.

Happy to help.