Need to send VM notify to old school pager

Potential customer, they are a service business and the owner insists they use old fashioned numberic pager. When a message is left in an after hours mailbox we need to send a numberic page to a pager with the phone number of the office. Ideas??

There isl a “pager email address” box in the after-hours voicemail setup page

it doesn’t use an email address it is a phone number then enter your phone number. Think 1970’s paging

If the pager company doesn’t provide a ‘gateway’, you can still just dial the number and it will display your CallerID(NUM), ( set up a a vmnotify script), if you want to send a message, then you will need an fsk modem

Many providers provide an email-to-SMS gateway, which you can use.

You can set the Caller ID on a call and place it to the pager phone number - the CID should be displayed. If the pager has a “secondary message” input, you could use a script that dials the number and sends a couple of pauses followed by the number in “SendDigits()”. That might require some scripting.

If you’re feeling really froggy, you may be able to get into your provider’s API and send texts that way. VoipInnovations has a full service SMS API (for example).

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