Need to ring to nowhere

I’m studying up on Asterisk coding when I have time. I need to do something now though that can’t wait until I get to learning it. Maybe you guys can help me out. I’m hoping this is simple.

I need to make a phantom extension that rings nowhere. It has to actually ring, not answer and play back ringtone. I tried figuring this out from some other posts but I got nowhere. I’m afraid I need this spelled out.

The scenario is a doorbox that rings to several places simultaniously, one is on the FreePBX system and the other two are not.

It rings in to a Time Condition. During certain hours I want it to ring a certain extension but at other hours I want it to ignore the call and let it be answered by the other non-FreePBX destinations. If the system answers and plays ringback it will stop ringing at the other destinations which doesn’t help me. Hence, the Hangup/Play Ringtone option doesn’t work here. I need a phantom/virtual extension to direct the Time Condition to that just keeps ringing without answering.

Can anyone help me do that?


Set the destination as “terminate call: Play ringtones to caller until they hang up”

Thanks for the reply.

That option answers the call and just plays ringtone audio. Since I need it to continue ringing at the other destinations that option won’t work here.

I edited my original post to spell that out right before I noticed your reply. :grinning:

Create an Announcement with Don’t Answer Channel set to Yes, consisting of a sufficient length of silence/music/whatever (the doorbox won’t play it).

That actually sounds like a fantastic idea.

I created and uploaded a 5 minutes sound file with just silence. I created an announcement with that sound file and the Don’t Answer option set to yes. I need to go onsite before I start messing with the Time Conditions. I may still be able to go tonight but it might have to wait for tomorrow. I’ll let you know if it worked.


That seems to have worked! Thanks!

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