Need to ring an extension when an email arrives for specific user

Not sure if this is the correct category. I am trying to figure out a away to ring a specific extension when a new email arrives in a specific user’s inbox. eg. a new email arrives in [email protected][dot]com rings extension 299 alerting warehouse to check email. Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance

Not the right category, but I’m not sure which is best, so will let a moderator deal with that.

A good discussion of the FreePBX side of this can be found at Initiate outgoing call from a script

This is probably not the best place for the email side, and you haven’t said how the mailboxes are accessed.

There are some integration services such as Pipedream or IFTTT which allows you to call scripts on incoming emails.

Some email providers allow you to do it directly from their service. Eg: to deliver the email to a webhook etc.

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