Need to remove country code from outbound CID

Hi all,

I am currently configuring my first system so please excuse me if this is a simple question.

Basically, I have my trunk registered and can make and receive calls no problem. However, when I make an outbound call, it displays +44 and drops the leading 0 (I’m in the UK), despite the fact that everywhere I can see a reference to the outbound CID (Trunks & Outbound Routes), I have typed it in in the format I desire.

If I change the CID to a totally different number on the SIP account the outbound CID does change, but again is in the +44 format, so I know the changes I am making on FreePBX are working, but just that I have to format wrong.

The supplier is Voicehost.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

What does it say you are presenting in the FreePBX CDR?


Thank you for your reply.

I’ve just checked and the CDR appears to be showing the CID in the format I require and as per how I have configured it in FreePBX.

I guess that suggests that it is the SIP provider that is manipulating it.

I would say so if you’re sending 44XXXXXXXXXX dropping the 0. Voicehost support should be able to help and they’ll insist you’re getting it right for 999 anyway. Incoming calls usually display +44 on my iPhone, if that helps.

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