Need to re-ip my pbx, what is the right way to do that?

I have a v15(current) distro install (vmware) that has 2 nic’s, one for the “voice” network where all my phones and voice gateways. The other nic is for management/ucp etc.
I have to re-number both networks, but I am doing them one at a time.

My question is; whats the right way to change the IP address on the pbx? should i use the command line utils nmtui (or vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts)…or, is there a preferred way in the FreePBX gui to do this? I am guessing that I need to adjust my firewall rules as well. Should I add some rules for the new network range PRIOR to changing the IP so i don’t cut myself off?

thanks in advance

First - nmtui is probably a good way to do. You can do the same by changing the network-scripts by hand, though, and maybe not jam yourself up with some unintended default somewhere.

You’ll need to update FreePBX by adding the new networks to your SIP configuration and make sure the Firewall picks up the new local addresses. You’ll need to make sure that the local address for your SIP settings (under the Advanced tab) are correct.

After you get done with that, you can use “cd /etc/asterisk” and then “grep x.x.x * */*” where x is the first three octets of your old address. This way, you can spot the potential jam ups.

I’d make all of the changes first, then reboot. After that, check for proper operation and adjust as needed.

Dave, thanks for the reply. so, Do you mean setting/asterisk sip settings/local networks?

also, you mentioned the local address under advanced tab(settings/advanced settings?) I looked here and do not see any IP address’ mentioned…am i in the right spot?

thanks again for your help

Yeah - those should actually be the same place. If you are adding a new network, update the local networks to add the new network along with the other network settings in the system. Reboot and check your work.

Dave, i just realized that in local networks, there does not seem to be a delete button to remove an entry…how do you remove an entry? … blank it out??

Don’t worry about it. If it is a local network, you can control the access to it. You can also set it up as a “non-local” network in the firewall if it becomes a problem.

Remember, you’re going to be transitioning a bunch of other stuff, so having the old address range still be available probably isn’t a bad idea.

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